Zeer gedetaillieerd Bahamut figuur. Formaat: 45.5 x 30 x 13 cm
Officieel gelicentieerd product van Square Enix, geseald in de nog nooit geopende doos.


Bahamut, the legendary king of dragons descends from on high!

One of the most well-known and popular characters to appear throughout the Final Fantasy series, The ultimate summon monster Bahamut has finally been rebooted as the latest addition to the Variant Play Arts series.

Bahamuts trademark four wings have been sculpted paying careful attention to making them look capable of bearing him aloft like a magnificent bird of prey or a mighty fighter aircraft and the numerous points of articulation lend him an imposing and divine bearing that can be imagined hovering implacably amid the roaring tempest of his arrival. In addition to all of his limbs, the gigantic tail is also fully articulated, bringing hours of enjoyment.

The stylish black, gold and red colour scheme brings to mind the regal presence a magnificent Chinese lion statue and the glossy finish brings out an impressive feeling of fine quality.

Size : 35x28x29cm.
Prijs per stuk: € 259,00
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